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Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 3

In this episode producer and director Cornelius Huber comments on the balance between vision and doability as experienced in his past productions.

Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 2

Cornelius Huber is an authority on Interactive Audiobooks. In this special he shares his experiencees from his numerous productions.

Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 6

Producer and Director Cornelius Huber reflects on his previous multimedia projects and productions.

Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 5

Cornelius Huber recounts on his personal encounters with the stars.

Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 4

Cornelius Huber is an expert on Interactive Audiobooks. In this article he is delving into the mindset that you should bring into a large scale production.

Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 1

Cornelius Huber has created more than ten Interactive Audiobook titles (including "The three detectives" for Sony Music), eight of which he produced himself. Beside his various iPhone releases, he also produced and co-produced several "classic" audio book titles and radio plays. In this special we will take a look behind the scenes of the production for a complex multimedia project.

"I was on a multimedia adventure and I made it out alive. In this special I would like to share what I've learnt throughout the experiences and what's going to happen from here moving forward."



My previous - and up to this point largest - project ("Perry Rhodan TAMER") laid the foundation for a kickass Sci-Fi blockbuster series of epic proportions. I was priviliged to act as project lead, producer and director in this project.

I thought about five things to help people who are thinking about making multimedia productions such as a video game or a radio play, because I have been privileged to have been in this position. Because not everybody gets the oportunity to make a triple A production on a big scale like this.

Perry Rhodan TAMER - Out now!

Done and done: Perry Rhodan TAMER


Out in the App Store NOW!

Let's see how it performs on the german market.

Audiogent in Finland at Slush 2011

Audiogent has been selected to take part in the Slush 2011 in Helsinki 2nd Nov - 3rd Nov.
Slush is the leading startup conference in Northern Europe. The event brings together the best startups in the Nordic region, top VCs from Europe and Silicon Valley, angel investors, and tech industry professionals.

Audiogent is running a Demo Stand at the conference where we will be showing our latest products and the trailer for the upcoming Perry Rhodan Tamer Interactive Audiobook! Audiogent will also take part in the pitch competition and of course we will network a lot!