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Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 1

Cornelius Huber has created more than ten Interactive Audiobook titles (including "The three detectives" for Sony Music), eight of which he produced himself. Beside his various iPhone releases, he also produced and co-produced several "classic" audio book titles and radio plays. In this special we will take a look behind the scenes of the production for a complex multimedia project.

"I was on a multimedia adventure and I made it out alive. In this special I would like to share what I've learnt throughout the experiences and what's going to happen from here moving forward."



My previous - and up to this point largest - project ("Perry Rhodan TAMER") laid the foundation for a kickass Sci-Fi blockbuster series of epic proportions. I was priviliged to act as project lead, producer and director in this project.

I thought about five things to help people who are thinking about making multimedia productions such as a video game or a radio play, because I have been privileged to have been in this position. Because not everybody gets the oportunity to make a triple A production on a big scale like this.


When you're producing on a big scale like this, first you are gonna think that it is going to be really intimitating, since you have all these people working for you: scriptwriters, dramatic advisers, composers, artists, marketing, ... Sure, you might think it's overwhelming, but it's not really that different from what YOU've done. So if you've produced something small with your friends in your living room or like in my case when I record stuff in my own small workplace, the principle of production never changes. If you have the passion to do it, then you can do whatever you want.

You might think, to direct lots of people takes a specific personality. You might feel socially awkward - like how I felt as a kid. But your passion will just overwrite that. So you'll accomplish anything you want. And if you're just a nice person, people will like working for you and that's really all that is to it.

But every time you step outside of some kind of familiar zone, people may react like "Oh, this is your first time you are producing/directing on a large scale. You are now working with professionals, you know, this is a whole other story..." And, yes, in some ways it is, but the principle never changes. So as long as you have the idea how you want to make your product, it just takes a bit of adapting and you're good to go. So don't let anything intimidate you.

Conclusion: Don't be intimidated by the size of your project / production.

Next week is all about COMMUNICATION