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Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 4

Cornelius Huber is an expert on Interactive Audiobooks. In this article he is delving into the mindset that you should bring into a large scale production.


Just... the sacrifices on your personal life. You know, it is like they always say: "you gotta be crazy to make a multimedia production". But of course it depends on what you do. If you do it at home and you are recording and doing stuff with your friends, it's not too bad. But when you are locked into this thing with all these people and everything and you have to stay commited to it and answering people's questions at all hours of the night and everything... You know you're just gonna lose so much sleep, you're not gonna eat much, won't be doing your workout as thoroughly... You know, on a big scale like this it is just a huge sacrifice on your personal life.

You hear it all the time, that it is stressful, but I can't even EXPLAIN how stressful it really was for me. It is like you are stuck on a roller coaster ride and you have no way of getting off. And the longer you stay on... you just... you are stuck. There is nothing you can do. So it is always like a test of how passionate you are about making it. It is like a voice, constantly nagging at you: "Do you still wanna do it? Are you sure?"

But, don't let that intimidate you either. It is just kind of knowing what you are getting into. It depends on the scale of the production so you just got to really know what you are up against.

But, yeah, it definitely takes a toll on your personal life. It took a toll on my life and my crew. People were working so hard to do this. And as we went on, some guys discovered that they were not willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Which is fine by me. I mean, it is always an option to drop out of a project if you realize that you are not cut out for this kind of thing, you know. Instead and unfortunately some of my colleagues got greedy. As they failed at their attempt to blackmail me, they tried to sabotage the project instead. They really put a lot of effort on their dark side and used a lot of energy for destruction. Luckily without success. On the other hand there were the real pros. And if you have a team of ass kicking hard working pros, you don't allow yourself to get intimidated by some rogue grumpy spongers. And you decide that you just go through all the exrement people may start hailing at you. Working alongside true experts such as Henning Nugel from Nugelbros., Agnes Staudt from InnGraphic and epic screenwriters such as Anton Weste and Thomas Finn, is an ever inspiring source of strength to me.

Nugelbros Nugelbros 

Conclusion: Not everybody is willing to make the necessary sacrifices. You should take a close look and really get to know your colleagues and contractors beforehand. It is of utmost importance that everybody understands which role they are playing. As long as everybody cares and you all work together you can do anything.

How you recognize whether you are working with an expert? They deliver WHAT you need WHEN you need HOW you need. It really is that simple.

Next week will be about SHOOTING WITH THE STARS.