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Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 5

Cornelius Huber recounts on his personal encounters with the stars.


This has got to be my favorite part of any production. Every time when I am meeting one of those legendary names in person at the studio, my heart beats a little higher. It simply is beautiful to meet up with the voices that have been accompanying you all your life. And meeting them in the flesh... understandable that you are a little nervous going in. But if you allow yourself to look beyond all that, you see that behind those voices are actually quite not people who love their job and bring the happieness and willpower to give you an excellent performance. And boy, do they deliver...

It is just so much fun to be at eye level with these big and small names in the studio. You are laying the important foundation for the upcoming blockbuster with some truly interesting dudes and dudettes. What I am inspired by the most, is not the legendary voices, but the personalities behind them. Oliver Rohrbeck, Santiago Ziesmer, Andreas Fröhlich, Dietmar Wunder, Nana Spier, Hubertus Bengsch... they are all just really nice and interesting people with an exciting story behind them. It is such a special treat to meet these people, working with them. Gordon Piedesack is somewhat of an radio play god to me: A jack of all trades, always at the right place at the right time and just a really cool guy. Also with elite voice actors such as René Dawn-Claude I just know that I get a perfect mix of professional service and personal commitment to the job and the he delivers on the spot. It does not matter if you are working with a big TV star like German comedian Hans-Werner Olm. He will just enchant you with his cozy and humane style and before you know it, you are gonna be chatting about everyday commodities like you are old pals.

On the other hand, I keep on getting negative feedback from other producers from time to time, who are complaining about certain voice actors being difficult to get along with and as such hard to handle. I am not saying that that may not be true. All I am saying is that up until this point I had a great experience with every actor I have ever worked with so far. We had a good time and great results. As long as you don't forget that actors - no matter if they already are big stars or not yet - they are just human too. If you treat them as such, they are going to love coming back to your productions, they will like to do their best and add something awsome to your production value.

And to all you actors our there whose name I didn't mention in this article: you know that you are the best! Just keep on rocking!

Conclusion: At the end of the day, it does not matter if you are working with the great stars or the not yet as big ones. They all are friendly and enthusiastic about your project. As long as you are treating them right, they will gladly assist you in making your production dream a reality.

Next week we are going to take a look at FUTURE PROJECT PLANS.