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Audiogent Special - Behind the scenes - Part 6

Producer and Director Cornelius Huber reflects on his previous multimedia projects and productions.


Glancing back on the past projects... if I could do it again - well, I wouldn't change a lot about it, because I learnt so much about how things are done and how things work in the business...

But, you know the next project... well, I am going to really pay close attention to the crew and check out beforehand with whom I am going to join forces for the next project. Because, let's be honest: At the end of the day, some people just are not cut out for a big scale project and some aren't even cut out for team work. And it is a pity for all the energy and momentum that go to waste when you are half way through the project and then learn the hard way that some of the people you extended your full trust to turn out to be crooks.

My advice to you would be: Do a lot of research beforehand. Because I didn't do enough research.


So now for the updates to what is going on with future Interactive Audiobook releases and what is going to happen with the technology. I just finished one major production. I need some personal time to just get things under control again, making up for some personal time that I desperately need and am preparing for the next steps.

The second episode of "Perry Rhodan TAMER" is already partly written. The executive production will require a huge amount of time and effort. In order to finance the production for episode 2, episode 1 needs to monetize and perform much better. Although the first episode was perceived greatly amongst buyers (thank you everybody for the excellent feedback!), unfortunately the marketing was not executed by our (now ex-) marketing director as agreed and planned. As a result the product is not nearly as visible as anticipated. So if YOU liked the Interactive Audiobook, you can recommend it to your friends. So let's pick up the pace and pave the way for the next episode.

In the meantime I am working on a couple of important projects, that I cannot go into in detail at the moment. They are about Interactive Audiobooks is as much as I am at liberty to say. One of my projects is about a completely new and innovative twist to interactive storytelling, which I have not seen in any other medium or product yet. Two other projects are dealing with different areas of application for Interactive Audiobooks that I find personally very intriguing. So there is a lot of interesting stuff going on. Geocaching is not on top of my priority list at the moment, since I already did that in 2006. For now, I am working on NEW ideas.

One question that I get a lot is when is the android port going to be released? Well, at the moment, I do not have the resources to execute such an undertaking. That's the best way I can answer that at the moment. Unless a mainstream distributer or investor steps in, it is going to be iOS for some time to come.

So if there is any more questions I am forgetting or anything: just post the questions at underneath this article and within a week, I will post a written FAQ.


I am taking a break for now. If I get a lot of feedback, I may continue with another special handing out free pointers about SCRIPTWRITING - How to create a concept and how to write a screenplay for an Interactive Audiobook. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in this topic.


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