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Most frequently asked question that we get

Business Questions

Q: I represent a Publisher who would love to publish an Interactive Audiobook, what can I do?
A: Easy, just contact Audiogent ASAP and we will schedule a call with you.

Q: I am interested in sponsoring an app, what can I do?
A: Again, we are always welcoming partnership, just write a small summary of what you have in mind and send us an email on business [at] Audiogent [dot] com

Q: I represent a marketing/brand agency who would like to develop an interactive app for marketing purposes?
A: Then we are more than interested in hearing from you, please drop us a line at business
[at] Audiogent [dot] com

Interactive Audio books

Q: Help!
I do not see any images, when is this bug fixed?
A: This is not a bug. This is an interactive audio book. By definition, there are no pictures.

Q: I have installed an update. Why does the app not start the app or it crashes very quickly?
A: In some IOS version there a bug in the update routine that means that some files are not overwritten properly. Since this routine is not from us, we can only hope that "those" responsible for this bug is providing a fix in the next IOS update. In the meantime, you can do the following:
- The delete the app completely from the iPhone / iPod
- Load the update via iTunes and then downloaded it to your iPhone / iPod, then sync

Q: Why does the story continue when I press the home button?
A: Because otherwise Apple would not let us into the store. But you can turn it off the in the app at:
Settings-> Home Button

Q: When is the next interactive audiobook from Audiogent out?
A: You can be sure we are working with a number of partners to realise this ASAP!

Stay Tuned!

Q: My problem still exists. How can I reach you?
A: Write an email to support [at] Audiogent [dot] com. We respond to queries usually within 24 hours.