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Illustrated Audiobook


A few facts about our product the Illustrated Audiobook

  • Audiogent proofed quality ensures a fantastic listening experience
  • Experience the exciting illustrated storyline first hand by dramatic insights into the action with a  real-time "story", both in portrait and landscape format
  • No frustrating waiting time as with the old school e-book. The innovative audio IA_ENGINE from Audiogent = Interaction means reaction!
  • Intuitive gesture control giving you the option of enjoying and controlling, even if the player is in your pocket
  • Firmware-racism? No, thank you! Our products remain compatible with iOS 3.1.2!  (And…We have reprogrammed some extra features for you, giving you a 4.0 feel)
  • Bookmarks ... of course!

Of course we have also catered for our tradition-conscious listeners:

  • Familiar menus, chapter selection, skipping and seeking, just like in the iPod app.
  • The actions  for the home and sleep button can be individually set