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Raumzeit - Der verbotene Sektor im App Store (01.09.2010)

Who does know recognize this:

Villains, full of themselves that divulge their diabolical plans, women that always flee from axe murderers into the worst direction possible and in the end the hero kisses the wrong girl. What if the consumer could make the decision, what if YOU could make the choice. The outcome? A uniquely told story every time its being listened too.

The interactive audio book is a completely new definition of the medium audiobook. With this revolutionary new medium trendy gamers and tradition-conscious audiobook listeners get their full share of action, drama or education.

The Interactive Audio Book bears the inimitable signature of Audiogent.

Published so far:

Spacetime - Off Limits (only in German)

Captain Burke, an intergalactic adventurer, searches for a Navigaror at a remote space station, for a very special flight. He wants to travel to a sector that is officially declared "off limits", a sealed-off piece of outer space, where unknown dangers and riches await fearless adventurers like himself.

Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Voice talents (selection):

  • Dietmar Wunder (dubs Adam Sandler, Cuba Gooding Jr and Daniel Craig)
  • Santiago Ziesmer (dubs Steve Buscemi, Jaleel White as Steve Urkel, Spongebob)
  • Andreas Fröhlich (dubs John Cusack, Edward Norton and Bob Andrews in "The Three ???")
  • Hubertus Bengsch (dubs Richard Gere and Gil Grissom from "CSI")
  • Eberhard Prüter (dubs Rowan Atkinson and William Shatner)
  • Peter Lontzek (dubs Agent Ryan in "24")
  • Julia Ziffer (dubs Mena Suvari and Scarlet Johansson)